Seamless Migration and Consolidation Of Your Content Management Systems

Zero-Downtime Migration & Archiving: Ensure Business Continuity

We understand that migrating to a new ECM platform can be daunting. With decades of experience, we have developed the Migration Framework, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your business. Whether you’re moving to/from Alfresco, Documentum, SharePoint, OpenText, Nuxeo, or FileNet, our proven processes have got you covered.


Using another platform? Bring Your Own ECM, and we’ll explain how we can support that too.

Worried About Your Migration?

Have You Ever Faced These Migration Problems?

Data Quality

Existing data may be inaccurate, incomplete, or poorly organized. This can lead to migration errors and difficulties accessing information after the migration.

Data Integrity and Loss

Ensuring that all documents, metadata, and associated information are accurately transferred without any loss or corruption avoids significant business disruptions and compliance issues.

Downtime and Business Disruption

Extended downtime can impact productivity and service delivery, causing frustration among users and stakeholders.

Legacy Systems

Migrating from outdated or highly customized legacy systems that often have unique configurations, custom scripts, and non-standard data format, pose challenges during the migration process.

Compliance and Security

Organizations must ensure that sensitive information is protected and that the migration process adheres to relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Scalability and Performance

Efficiently migrating large volumes of data without compromising performance is challenging, especially with extensive archives or high transaction volumes.

Hidden Costs

Migrations can be expensive, and there can be hidden costs associated with data preparation, customization, and ongoing support

Failed migrationn attempts

Spending countless hours and resources attempting a migration, only to encounter errors or incomplete data, can be incredibly frustrating.
We Speak from Experience

Why Our Migration Expertise Makes a Difference?

Expert Service
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How Did We Become Migration Experts?

Our migration expertise lies in our experience of transferring billions of documents, petabytes of content, across platforms such as Documentum, Alfresco, SharePoint, OpenText, FileNet, Nuxeo, etc.., ensuring data integrity and business continuity throughout the process.

Unleashing Flexibility

Your Migration, Your Way

In today's complex content management landscape, you shouldn't be limited by rigid migration tools. That's why we developed our own robust migration framework, built upon 20+ years of experience.

By choosing our migration expertise, you gain flexibility, control, and cost-effectiveness. We empower you to migrate your content your way.
Your Way

S4HC Migration Framework

Competitors Migration Products

No vendor Lock-in

Our platform-agnostic approach removes complexity from your migration, allowing complete flexibility to migrate to or from any platform, including Alfresco, Documentum, SharePoint, OpenText, FileNet, Nuxeo, providing flexibility for future changes in your ECM needs.

Vendor Lock-In

Traditional migration products lock you into their ecosystem, limiting your control over the migration process and features available. This lack of control can lead to inefficiency and require additional paid customizations, on top of already expensive licenses, driving up your overall migration cost.

Proactive issue resolution

We are going beyond migration. During the early discovery phase, we perform a deep analysis of your source data, allowing for easy identification and resolution of potential issues, saving you time, resources, and the costs associated with post-migration data cleansing.

Reactive: Cleaning Up After the Mess

Other migration products focus on data transfer, neglecting the importance of data quality. "Garbage-In, Garbage-Out" approach can lead to significant costs. With bad data migrated, you'll likely face post-migration issues requiring data cleansing and remediation.

Tailored to your needs

There's a reason no two snowflakes are alike – and the same goes for content models, even within same departments.That's why our migration framework allows us to rapidly tailor the migration process specifically to your unique requirements that perfectly fits your content model, not the other way around.


Migration products are designed to handle a broad range of scenarios. While this might seem convenient, it often leads to frustrationas they are not be able to handle the specific nuances of your data or content model, requiring extensive workarounds that result in a slower, less efficient migration with a higher risk of errors.

Scalability matched to your infrastructure

We have extensive experience working with various data center providers, on-premise platforms, and cloud platforms. This allows us to seamlessly adapt to your existing infrastructure and leverage your available resources to scale organically providing complete cost control and management.

Generic Scalability

While generic migration products may appear convenient, their lack of adaptability to various infrastructures often limits scalability. Thesy typically scale by multiplying migration instances, which can leads to performance bottlenecks - when further scaling becomes exponentially more expensive, yielding diminishing returns.

We Solve the Biggest MIGRATION Headaches

Our Proven Process Eliminates Migration Challenges

Data discovery

Understanding the data's purpose, organization, location, and ownership in their ECM system.

Data classification

Organize and tag data based on confidentiality, relevance to business units, and target migration location, which helps in planning the migration.

Archiving candidates

Identifying rarely used documents for archiving to improve ECM platform performance and reduce costs.

Migration execution plan

Developing a migration schedule in batches after identifying and classifying all relevant data.

Progress tracking

Audit and report on every data operation, providing detailed insights into the migration progress at any stage.

Data staging

Offering both comprehensive and selective data staging solutions, helping you to move out from source system, even before your target system is ready.

Data quality management

Leveraging deep data analysis to improve data quality and resolve issues from source systems more effectively in the target platform.

Migration validation/reports

Maintaining original and target metadata for each migrated item, along with error reports to validate migration and troubleshoot issues.

Guiding the World's Best

How We Support Top Executives at Industry Leaders Shaping the Future

We tried several large consulting firms for our ECM migration, but none could deliver. S4HC came in, assessed the situation, and developed a plan that addressed our unique challenges. They migrated our data seamlessly, saving us time and money
CTO, Super Big Company
For the past ten years, S4HC has been our trusted partner in ECM migrations. As our business evolved and our platform needs changed, they adapted with us. Their expertise ensured smooth transitions and minimized disruption to our daily operations.
CIO, Another Big Company
We had a tight deadline and budget for our migration. [Your Company Name] not only delivered on time and within budget, but they also identified and addressed hidden issues with our content storage. Their optimization efforts significantly improved our search speed and overall efficiency.
CEO, Mega Bug Company

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